Our Services


  • Urban Watching

    Watch urban development using our UrbanWatching service. Get urban indices and detect changes to prepare your location strategy.

  • Sites Watching

    Monitor commercial & industrial activities using our SitesWatching service. Get cars quantity, activity impacts on air&water, or any other relevant indicator.

  • Ressources Watching

    Find ressources over the world using our RessourcesWatching service. Get the ressources surface & location or the local/global production.



    Invite all swimming pool owners in your (e)-shop, thanks to our PoolSpot service.


    Identify parcels with constructible potential based on near real time vegetation monitoring.


    Monitor sites in construction with BuildSpot and be the first on the next interior layout market.

Local government

  • Land Watching

    Control your territory by land monitoring and detect any change thanks to our land monitoring service.

  • Air Watching

    Check the presence of aerosols within your administrative territories thanks to our air monitoring service.

  • Water Watching

    Show the cleanliness of your waters thanks to our water monitoring service.