Our Services

Poolspot logo

Visualise the existing swimming pool market from local to global scale

Visualise the prediction market thank to our prediction algorithms

Launch Marketing campaign to swimming pool owner

Optimize your construction sites surveillance

Be aware of all existing construction sites

Quantify the urbanization status of your territories

Watch for the geographic development of the market

Urbanwatch logo

Watch urban development.

Get urban indices like soil artificialisation.

Detect changes on Urban area. 

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Monitor commercial & industrial activities

Get cars quantity

Get activity impacts on air&water, or any other relevan indicator.

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Woodwatch logo

Find ressources over the world.

Get the ressources surface & location.

Get the local/global production.

Monitor your own field.

Landwatch logo

Control your territory by land monitoring.

Detect any change everywhere in the globe.

Airwatch logo
Waterwatch logo

Check the presence of aerosols within your administrative territories.

Show the cleanliness of your waters.

Detect pollution event.