A success story

A success story

What is link between the World War II, a pharmaceutical laboratory created in 1950, the tripling of world population this the last 65 years, the membership of Australian in the CommonWealth and the space imagery?

Mustela produit 50's

The success story of two brand : Mustela and Piasclédine 300. The first one had been created in 1950, by the laboratory Expanscience in France. We could easily imagine that thanks to the baby-boom after the Second World War, the needs to have a specific product for baby were expectation for all the French families.

The Laboratory had felt this needs and introduced its first brand Mustela with its baby skin care cream a great success at the outset.




pub Piasclédine 300After 40 years, the baby-boomer generation and their parent aged and the need was not only in the baby-cream. The laboratory took the opportunity to expand its knowledge on product for ease osteoarthritis and introduced, in 1992, its new product Piasclédine 300 a new success for the laboratory.




During the same time and along all theses success stories, the population double between 50’s and 90’s and furthermore tripling until 2015 to reach 7,5 Billions of person on the world.

It was the best period to globalize the sales in the world, the last annual report of Expanscience laboratory shows more than 51% of the sales come from the internationalization with an objective in 2020 of 75%.

australie par satelliteTo reach this objective, one of the strategies is to access the Australian market which has a huge potential. Actually, the Australia is one of the best fertility rates of OCDE members, certainly because of the immigration population coming from the Commonwealth like Indian origin people.  (ref. :https://data.oecd.org/pop/fertility-rates.htm)

In conclusion, we saw that lot of parameters influence the capabilities of company. Even if this analyze is not a real scientific one, it’s easy to make it when everything it past and when we have all the figures.

The times to have all the figures are sometimes very long notably to have the population evolution specifically in developing country where there are a huge potential for BtoC Market.

Imagine that the figures had been provided continuously with alert of some specific concern information. The success of a company like Expanscience laboratories are more predictable and not only based on the PDG excellent skill or sometimes luck.

Sydney satellite imagery spotIt’s more and more difficult for global companies to have the complete overview and information at the global scale within a relatively short period of time to react as soon as possible to reduce costs or adapt its objectives.

With bigdata technologies, Machine Learning and new satellites imagery, this capabilities is not only an unrealistic dream but it is reality.

Pixstart S.A.S could provide some essential information about population evolution and movement in near real-time frequency all over the world and help company manager to have the best decision.