Monitor Regions of Interest by Change Detection

Monitor Regions of Interest by Change Detection

Example: land cover mapping over Toulouse, France.
Map your Environment using Quantitative Indices

Map your Environment using Quantitative Indices

Example: aerosols loading over Nantes, France.
Explore Territories with Objects Detection

Explore Territories with Objects Detection

Example: swimming pool owners detection.

The Full Planet is Scanned Every 5 days by 1 Satellite mission


Around 140 Earth Observation Satellites are Flying


Over 12 Millions Of Satellite Images Have Been Taken Everyday


We Take Into Account Around Several Hundred Of Parameters (Humidity, Temperature, Flow Of Energy, ...) To Identify Your Targets


Thanks to satellite observation, we are in capability to detect specific elements as swimming pools, buildings and roofs,… quantify content of water, atmosphere, vegetation… The data and statistics generated allows us to synthesize information at different scales: local (districts/cities), regional (region/state/country) or global (continent/world). We use satellites with high frequency revisit which provide powerful capabilities in change detection. Using our own machine learning methodologies, we mix space data with economical indices and private data and create amazing added-value information.

Find New Clients

Identify your future customers with geo-marketing, like swimming pool owners, solar panels owners, ...

Be Aware of Any Change

Identify new construction sites, commercial activities


Today, satellite images are becoming more and more fresh, massive, affordable. This colossal amount of data can be highly valorized through machine learning algorithms, making new services and business models emerge. Our mission is to facilitate access to those technologies and provide you the best figures for your strategic decisions at diverse scales (global/regional/local).


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