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Monitor complex environments

Faced with increasingly complex environments, where security issues prevent on-site presence.

Our solutions, Emergencywatch and Securitywatch, are specifically designed for humanitarian organizations and security entities operating under challenging conditions. With cutting-edge technologies, we help you make informed decisions quickly to protect and assist vulnerable populations or efficiently control illegal activities.

Take Action with Emergencywatch & Securitywatch

Don’t let the complexity of situations limit your ability to help and protect. Adopt Emergencywatch and Securitywatch for a deep understanding and rapid action in the field. Contact us now to integrate these vital tools into your operational strategy.

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With a large dataset and high temporal and spatial resolution, Waterwatch enables you to :

Decisions based on comprehensive weekly reports.

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Emergencywatch et Securitywatch logo de la solution de surveillance des sites complexes.

EmergencyWatch and SecurityWatch allow you to take control of monitoring crisis and security zones with advanced technology. Accessible via an intuitive web interface, our solutions provide weekly high-resolution spatial updates, covering extensive critical areas. They enable the identification of displaced and refugee camps, water resources, agricultural capabilities of populations, mining sites, construction of new warehouses, as well as changes in habitats.

This cutting-edge surveillance enables you to quickly detect and characterize significant changes through near real-time situation reports. This allows you to anticipate and effectively manage risks.

In the context of managing field missions, EmergencyWatch and SecurityWatch enable precise control of risk areas and monitoring of the evolution of crisis situations. Our tools also help in planning interventions based on accurate data, thus increasing the efficiency of emergency and security operations.

Our detailed reports provide you with an immediately usable overview, facilitating strategic decision-making. Whether you are an active NGO in the field or a local government security entity, such as customs or a mining ministry, EmergencyWatch and SecurityWatch equip you with a global perspective for maximum responsiveness.

As a crisis manager or security official, your role is crucial in ensuring a rapid and effective response. Our specialists are available to assist you in analyzing data and implementing intervention strategies, offering personalized advice tailored to your specific challenges.

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