Critical Infrastructure Monitoring and Urban Management

Do you manage critical infrastructure such as catchment areas or transportation networks?

Are you monitoring the development of urban planning and its impacts on the environment and well-being in the city?

Buildspot is here to transform the way you monitor these infrastructures and soil sealing. With our cutting-edge technology, stay at the forefront of monitoring while reducing the need for frequent travel.

With Buildspot, commit to more effective monitoring of critical infrastructures and sustainable urban management. To find out how our solution can optimize your monitoring, contact us today.

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Use the power of observation satellites, benefit from reliable, regular data, and limit your travel to essential operations. The Buildspot solution lets you :

Decisions based on comprehensive weekly reports.

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Why choose

Buildspot enables you to take control of monitoring critical infrastructure with advanced surveillance, accessible through an intuitive web interface. Our solution provides comprehensive weekly monitoring of your infrastructure, whether they are geographically dispersed (industrial sites, catchment areas, etc.) or extensive, as in the case of linear infrastructures (pipelines, electrical networks, etc.).

This cutting-edge surveillance allows you to quickly detect undeclared activities thanks to instant alerts and to anticipate risks.

In terms of urban monitoring and its impact on the environment, Buildspot enables precise control over the rate of soil sealing and monitors the development of areas and urbanization trends. The solution also helps assess the impact on biodiversity and urban livability, including through temperature measurement and the detection of heat islands.

Our detailed annual reports provide you with a complete and immediately usable overview of change statistics, urban development, and its impact. Whether you manage infrastructure or oversee urbanization, Buildspot equips you with a global perspective that facilitates informed and strategic decision-making.

As an infrastructure manager or responsible for monitoring soil sealing, your role is crucial in ensuring proactive and sustainable management. Our specialists are available to assist you in analyzing data and implementing improvement strategies, offering personalized advice tailored to your specific challenges.

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