Our technology

Explore the future of ecology and environmental monitoring with our advanced technology!

Our Mission: Revolutionize environmental monitoring with advanced indicators, change alerts, historical analysis, real-time predictions, and strategic recommendations for optimal environmental management. Our powerful tools enable in-depth understanding and accurate monitoring of environmental and human dynamics.

Cutting-edge technology: At the heart of our system, the combined use of Earth observation satellite data and artificial intelligence is combined through powerful scientific algorithms.

Indeed, these are not limited to the conventional application of deep learning and machine learning. They are the fruit of advanced research carried out within leading space agencies such as NASA, ESA and CNES, guaranteeing a robust scientific basis and reliability.

Our automated processing chains are built on the best practices of frugal AI, minimizing resource use while maximizing efficiency and scalability. This eco-responsible approach ensures a significant reduction in ecological footprint while delivering fast, reliable results. Finally, our dedicated applications, accessible via a web connection without installation, are eco-designed and developed in line with the latest UX/UI trends.


They offer a clear, intuitive and rapid visualization of information. This advanced ergonomics enables data to be assimilated and used efficiently, even by non-specialized users.

Our solutions also integrate complementary geolocalized OpenData, enriching analyses and increasing the transparency of our processes.
Our technology thus ensures a holistic and detailed vision, crucial for informed environmental decisions.

Expert Support and Training: Complementing our technology, the expertise of our professionals is at your disposal. We offer detailed training courses to help you exploit the full potential of our solutions. Our experts are also available for personalized consultations, helping you to integrate our alerts and predictions into your strategic planning.

At Pixstart, we’re dedicated to providing technologies that don’t just track the environment, but help to understand and protect it. Find out how our innovative solutions can transform your environmental approach today, by contacting us.

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Our team

The Pixstart team is a merry band of experts, each with their own area of expertise! Three co-founders, and different profiles that complement each other and aim to make it easier for you to monitor the health of your environment!

Photo Lydwine Gross - Directrice Scientifique - Phd Mathématiques / Télédétection -

Lydwine Gross

Co-founder / Scientific Director
Doctorate in AI and Remote Sensing, 20 years’ experience
with NASA, CNES and ESA.


Stéphane Colzy - CTO de Pixstart - Expert de la donnée.

Stephan Colzy

Co-founder / CTO
Master 2 in earth sciences and computer science, expert in data processing and visualization, Stéphane began his career at the CEA and is now our CTO.


Richard Barré CSO / CEO Pixstart - Directeur commercial

Richard Barre

Co-founder / CSO
Over 25 years in business and public services.
Richard is an expert in selling products and services.


Loris Deirmendjian

Research and development engineer
Doctorate in biogeochemistry, specializing in the carbon cycle applied to continental aquatic environments.

Arthur Boucherie

Biochemical engineer
Expert in aquatic environments.

Nathanaël Thomas

Datascience engineer
expert in the development of algorithms for the prediction and processing of georeferenced data.

Elisa Escanez

Datascience engineer
and environmental data expert

Marie Poret

Agricultural engineer
expert in biological monitoring of environments

Laura Seguinet

Graphic designer
Master 2 in graphic design

Romane Schnell

Business Engineer
specialized in the sale of scientific
and scientific products.

Florence Navarro

Sales representative
specialist in prospecting work

Lucie Baurens

Administrative assistant