Optimize Your Forest Management

Woodwatch is the advanced technological solution that transforms the way you monitor and manage your forest areas. Benefit from our state-of-the-art monitoring system to maximize your forestry productivity while preserving the environment.

Commit to a sustainable forest future! With Woodwatch, stay ahead by protecting and enhancing your forests. Contact us to discover how our technology can help you achieve your forest management goals.

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Digitalize your work !

Use the power of observation satellites, benefit from reliable, regular data, and limit your travel to essential operations. The Woodwatch solution enables you to :

Make decisions based on comprehensive forestry assessments.

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Why Choose

Woodwatch allows you to take control of the health of your forests with weekly measurements conducted across an entire forest massif or focused on your operation, viewable through a web application.

This precise monitoring enables you to quickly detect critical changes through phytosanitary alerts (bark beetles, nematodes, illegal logging, etc.), anticipate risks associated with water stress, and control the growth of different forest species by measuring their density and height.

Our complementary analyses, delivered through detailed scientific reports and simplified presentations, enable you to identify and respond effectively to environmental challenges. Whether your forests are composed of conifers, deciduous trees, or are mixed, you benefit from a complete and easily communicable view of their ecological health, their CO2 absorption capacity, and the risk of deterioration of your forest plots.

As a forest manager, your role is crucial for sustainable forest management. Our specialists are available to assist you in data analysis and the implementation of improvement strategies, with personalized advice tailored to your specific needs.

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