Whether you are in DSP for a community, or whether your territory includes water bodies,
you are in charge of checking the quality of your surface water and ponds.
You are sometimes impacted by invasive algae, cyanobacteria or the effects of Geosmine.

Pixstart has developed automated algorithms for analyzing satellite images
allowing a monthly or weekly measurement on the whole of each basin.

For example, we measure the concentration of phytoplankton in water,
in cyanobacteria, in sediments, the depth of Secchi,
and the extent of the water and mud surface.

Waterwatch offers you a vision of reliable measurements
every two meters over a vast area in the blink of an eye.

Visualize what is happening upstream across the entire basin.
Become proactive, take action before the phenomenon is visible to the naked eye.

Waterwatch was partially funded by the French government through the “France Relance” Programm.

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